Digital Marketing Strategist in Palakkad, Kerala

Digital Marketing Strategist in kerala | Palakkad
Who is Vyshnav Cu


Hey I’m Vyshnav cu From Palakkad, I work in the field of digital marketing, I will offer a variety of services within the digital marketing industry. Primarily Concentrating on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) And i offer both website development and graphic design services. I hold certifications in Digital Marketing from both Google and HubSpot.

I have successfully Completed 6 months of experience in a digital marketing agency, and I have also gained 6 months of valuable freelance experience. I have now completed one year of experience in the Field  OF Digital Marketing.

I have Also teaching experience in the Feild of digital marketing. I conducted a two-month social media marketing course for students, and upon completion of the class, received positive feedback from the students.

As the Top Digital Marketer in Kerala, All of my clients continue to express satisfaction with my efforts, and they consistently achieve positive outcomes. If you’re looking to boost your business’s sales and income in today’s digital landscape, Contact Me Anytime. Feel free to reach out to me anytime for my affordable digital marketing services.


Vyshnav has excelled in delivering top-notch digital marketing services over the past year. He is Also the leading digital marketing expert in Kerala due to his outstanding performance. He consistently delivers excellent results for all his clients. Vyshnav offers Different Types of digital marketing services, including – search engine optimization, social media marketing, website development, and graphic design, and consistently delivering high-quality results for all of these services.


Vyshnav Cu is a truly dedicated and hardworking individual. I met him 7 months ago for our project, and from the very beginning, he explained all the possibilities of growing our business with digital marketing. Upon our first impression and his impressive presentation for our business, I was genuinely impressed. I had a strong feeling that he would make a significant impact on our business, I placed our digital marketing responsibilities in his care. After working with him for 3 months, he proved to be one of the best digital marketer in Kerala. Our business will grow, and we are obtaining positive results from it. Vyshnav, I appreciate your impact. Thank you.

Vaishna K  – Business Development Manager

I had a meeting with Vyshnav regarding the possibility of hiring him as a freelance digital marketer for our gym. He provided an explanation of digital marketing and discussed the potential for our gym’s Growth. I am truly impressed with his work in the growth of our gym. After implementing social media marketing advertisements and organic reach, I  received a lot of positive response from the public for my gym. Now my gym is becoming well-known among the people in my city, and it is growing. Thank you, Vyshnav. I sincerely admire your dedication and hard work. I’m definitely happy about your dedicated work.Wishing you great success in your future.

Nithin  – Gym Trainer

I had the opportunity to Meet Vyshnav sir as my tutor, and in just a period of 2 months, I gained a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing. He is an exceptional and talented tutor, and I thoroughly enjoyed attending his classes. Thank you so much for providing valuable and insightful digital marketing classes.

Ummu Maryam  – Student

In my experience, Vyshnav sir is the best tutor I have ever had. I genuinely enjoyed his digital marketing classes, particularly his captivating presentation style. He was able to explain all the concepts with clarity and precision. I am grateful to you, sir, for your thorough and well-explained digital marketing classes.

Sarang  – Student

Working with Vyshnav sir has been an enlightening experience. He possesses a deep understanding of the subject matter and has a unique ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner. He is not only helped me grasp challenging topics but also instilled in me a genuine interest and curiosity for the subject

Lisiya Kp  – Student

This class is beyond my expectations.there is clear communication from sir.I not only a accured valuable knowledge but also developed skills .i always recommende to others

Aiswarya k  – Student

We are from Oman 🇴🇲 At the starting stage, our company faced lots of struggles. His valuable suggestions and contributions seem to have significantly impacted our company’s growth, creating a tension-free environment. The generation of numerous leads further highlights his effectiveness. Strongly recommending him reflects the satisfaction and confidence in his capabilities.
Thank you vaishnav

Farsha Hassan  – CEO

An excellant digital marketer with great skill and experience. Very hardworking and dedicated. Great professionalism and highly passionate. Highly recommended!

Suhaila H  – General Manager

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